Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Cast Weighs In!

In 2007, an e-mail to the OEHS cast with a few questions about how the "Schooling" experience was going. Below are a few answers by the hard-working actors:

What are you learning about acting, comedy, or theatre from your experience on Schooling?

Jesse Green, ’08 (Matt)

When you take on a character, you’re not “Joe Guy” anymore. You’re someone else. “Joe Guy” does not exist inside that theater. You are your character. A living, breathing, character with a personality entirely different from your own. I’m learning from watching everything I do evolve and seeing other people perform.

What makes your participation the premiere of Schooling a unique experience?

Sam Marshall, ’09 (Pom Dancer)

All the other plays I have been in weren't really in this [modern] time period. So for this play to be current in the 21st century and be about teens in high school, it makes things interesting. All the actors can put even more personality into it. It's pretty cool!

Kylie Schoenecker, ’09 (Lilly)

When we first talked about the show - after everyone had been cast and we were just being introduced to what the play was and where it came from – Matt (Boresi) said to us that the roles we play will have a permanent impact on how the roles will be performed. Since we are the first cast ever to perform this play, we are the foundation of what’s going to happen to the play in the future (No pressure, or anything!). I think that’s an experience that is new to all of us. How many times do you get to have that sort of opportunity? It's crazy to think about and makes it all the more exciting!

(above) Cast and crew create set decorations for the OEHS production.

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Kylie said...

Hey! That picture is new! Thats me and my sister on the last set build... ahhh... good times.